30 October 2009

Använd det du har (Use what you've got)

This is such a good idea!! I have joined, join you too. It is in Swedish but the rules are simple and I'll put them down in English as well.

Reglerna är som följer:
  1. Vi använder enbart material vi har hemma (sytråd är det dispens på)
  2. Vi försöker pyssla undan en sak varje vecka under november månad.
  3. Vi väljer själva om vi kan tänka oss att lotta ut något/några saker av det vi gjort på vår blogg mot att de tävlande tipsar om det utlottade hantverket på sin blogg. (Valfritt)
  4. Vi lägger upp "Använd det du har" loggan på vår blogg så vi lätt ser vilka våra medpysslerskor är.
  5. Meddela ditt deltagande till http://beasbarnslikheter.blogspot.com/ Där läggs det ut länkar till varje deltagare så man kan följa sina medpysslerskors projekt för tips, peppning och inspiration!
The rules:
  1. We only use materials that we have already got at home (thread excepted)
  2. We try to create one item each week during the month of November.
  3. You can decide if you would like to organise a raffle to give away any of your creations. To take part in your raffle the participants need to link to the creation on their blog as a tip to others. (Optional)
  4. We put the 'Use what you've got' logo on our blog so that we can easily spot our peers.
  5. To take part go to http://beasbarnslikheter.blogspot.com/. Here you can find links to all participants to make it easy to follow everybody's projects, pep-talks and inspiration!
Have fun!!

My little witch

So... Halloween is here and at F's nursery they are having 2 days of full on party!! Yesterday she was a little Pumpkin (bought outfit) and today she is a witch. The first thing she said this morning when she saw the outfit was 'I don't like it'. Excellent... somehow I managed to get her to put it on and after a while she started to like it a bit more (the broom and hat that I had bought to go with it helped!!).

I also made one cape for me and one for H to wear on Saturday when we are going to a Halloween party. Thay are made exactly the same way as F's but just longer (and on H's I made the 'hole' for the neck a little bit bigger).

The same as this one for the dress and the same as this one for the cape (but without hood).

Some strange and VERY DIFFICULT TO WORK WITH material with white print for the dress and the lining of the cape. The outer of the cape and the lining of the dress is something they called 'budget silk' in the shop. It is a rather heavy fabric so worked quite well.

Next time:
Try to make sure the fabric is a more easy to work one than this time... The print is almost like plastic and the thread kept breaking, stitches were skipping both on my overlocker and my sewingmachine. I was on the phone 5(!) times to Sewing Machines Direct thinking it was my overlocker that was broken. They were very helpful but I think the main problem was rubbish quality thread and this very tricky fabric.


28 October 2009

Addicted to fabric??

Today I did it again... I went to the fabric shop in Tooting to buy thread and to 'have a look'. This is what happened!! 5 new fabrics!!! :o)

From left:
1. Red cotton with white dots.
2. Red and white gingham (smaller pattern than the fabric I had already).
3. White polycotton with pattern in red.
4. Warm yellow cotton ribbing.
5. Fleece that I will probably make pouch trousers from.

Where will this stop?? Need to move to a bigger house if I don't start to sew more now. Hhihihi!!

23 October 2009

Purple skirt

This skirt was very quick to make, but when I had just 10cm left to do on the last hem, the needle broke!! Typical... it was the twin needle and I didn't have one that was exactly the same size to the seam looks slightly different on the last bit, but I don't think anyone will notice.

The same as this one, and just like on that one I didn't do a belt.

Baby-cord from John Lewis.

Next time:
This one was a bit big because I use an overlocker so when there is a 1.5cm seam allowance included it is a bit too wide. I will fix this one and modify the pattern for the next one. I will also try to remember to put the size label on the next one.

22 October 2009

Goldhawk Road

Ooops... I was only going down there to 'have a look' and ended up bying 9 new fabrics. H kindly sent me a link to this blog that recommended Goldhaw Road fabric shops. Now, he probably wishes he didn't!! ;o)

 100% cotton that I thought could be used for lining a dress or maybe make something for the summer. (I know - summer is a long way away yet, but it is never to early to make plans.)

Cotton jersey in very nice and soft quality. The colours doesn't really come out very well in this photo, it is a very nice red in reality.

Another even softer cotton jersey. Very 'flimsey' and nice.

A not too thick stretchy denim fabric with metallic red stars printed on it. Maybe a little A-line dress or a trouser pouch? Or is it a bit too mad this fabric...? :o)

I have never seen 'fabric' like this before. It will probably be a nightmare to work with but has great potential for something rather nice. (With my lack of patiens though, it is very likely to end up in the bin if it starts to play up!!)

I love this fabric!! I found it in the last shop I visited and just had to buy it. There were a few more in there but I already had so much in my bags that I limited myself to only this one. Will definately go back though!!

This is for the summer. It is cotton with blue embroidery on it. Can see it as a little peasant top for F. :o)

The first thing I will create from this is a dress for F. Will try to add some little detail on it to make it a little bit less 'serious' and grey. Will keep you updated on how that goes.

Ok, that is it for now. I recommend a trip down there for everyone who needs some new and interesting fabrics!!

20 October 2009

Fabric covered boxes

I needed some boxes for F's toys and was struggling to find any that I thought was any good. So, what I decided to do was to buy some temporary ones from IKEA  and cover them in fabric. F wasn't too impressed when I tried to take her boxes to photograph them so she had to be part of the photograph. :o)

None, I just meassured the boxes and went from there.

Striped poly cotton.

Next time:
Use a thicker fabric that is less transparent and add handles for pulling the boxes out with.

15 October 2009

Purple dress with little flowers

My own. It is a modified version of this one but one size bigger.

Babycord (that I think I bought in Sweden...) and turquoise cotton for lining.

Next time:
Next time I might try to use buttons and button holes.

8 October 2009

Patchwork duvet cover

My own.

Leftover fabric from curtains, boxes and duvet cover, some red and white Gingham that I was ment to make a hat from but never did and an old bed sheet.

Next time:
Do a different pattern and don't try to make a grid, it is impossible to line it up perfectly!!

7 October 2009

Pouch-trousers v 2.0

Another little 'welcome to the world' gift. This one is for the little brother/sister of a girl in F's nursery. I had already started on this one when I finished the other one so unfortunately this one also has the jeans-stitch on the back...  However, I made the inner pouch's waist a bit smaller on this one with a much better result.

My own, but the idea is from ATT SY EN GECKO's blog.

Very thin and soft jeans-look stretch cotton for outer and stretch jersey for lining and inner.

Next time:
Make the inner pouch a little bit smaller than the outer one, not only at the waist. Maybe better to use a fabric that doesn't need an inner pouch?