18 May 2009


I think my overlocker is broken... or maybe I am doing something wrong?? I have only had this wonderful machine for a few months and so far it has been very good to me. Until now...

It works for a few inches if I only have a single layer of fabric and then the thread breaks. If I put 2 or 3 layers (of normal weight cotton) it breaks after an inch or so, and it also skips stitches.

Here are some points that might be useful:
  1. I am using the same thread as I have used in the past (it was supplied to me together with the machine)
  2. I have replaced the needle
  3. I have re-threaded the machine (more than once!)
  4. I am using the same type of seam as before
  5. I have tried changing the tension on the various threads
So far no luck. All ideas of what to try next are welcome. :o(

I spoke to Sewing Machines Direct and explained my problem. They were very helpful and sent me 4 cones of good quality thread (I had been using the thread that was included when I bought the machine). They thread arrived the day after I spoke to them and now my machine is back to normal!!! Sooooo happy!!

14 May 2009

The Baker

Day two of costumes as nursery. Today I have made it a bit easy for myself... Just made an apron and bought a minirolling pin. Little F already had a chef's hat. Like I said - easy!

My own. Two squares with the corners cut off. Sew them together leaving an opening to turn it right side out. Fold in the cut off corners to make channel for bias tape. Top stitch all around. Done!

White cotton that I also made the bias tape from.

Next time:
If there is a next time I will probably do it the same way.

12 May 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

Little F's nursery is having 2 days this week when the children should be dressing up as a character from a fairytale or a nursery rhyme. First costume I decided to do (suggested by H) is Little Red Riding Hood. Probably not the most unusual choice but I thought it could be a good start on a costume wardrobe and it would be easy for F to put it on and take it off herself (soon maybe...).

It all went well until I was going to add the bias tape to attach the hood to the cape. The fabrics were too thick for my beloved bias binder and it did not come out very well. I removed the bias tape and just overlocked the layers together instead.

The skirt is made from a rectangular piece of fabric with loads of darts at the top to make it less bulky and with apron sewn onto it. The waist has got a channel with wide elastics inside to make it easy to pull on and off for little F.

The instructions for the cape and the hood came from Martha Stewart, but they were both modified and made smaller. For the skirt with apron I didn't have a pattern.

Thanks to Mannagryn's tips on Kånkarong's blog I found 'Wimbledon Sewing Centre' in Tooting Bec. I went there on the weekend and bought a red 'velvet' type material for the outer, red poly cotton for lining and skirt. I had some white cotton for the apron in my stash. I made the bias tape from the red poly cotton.

Next time:
Make one cape with hood in outer fabric and one cape with hood in lining then sew them together leaving gap to turn them right side out. Also put the ties in between the layers before sewing them together.

Leave hood the size specified in the instructions. It is a bit too small after my amendments...

11 May 2009

Kleenex case

I made this Kleenex case a while back but have not got round to uploading the photograph until now. I made one that was too short first and had to make another one that I measured a bit better.


A combination of different tutorials and photographs I have seen online.

Blue and white fabric from IKEA and an old, white sheet for lining.

Next time:
Make sure the size is correct before you sew the corners. Measure against a pack of Kleenex.