14 April 2010

Itsy Bitsy Spider

 Today was Fancy Dress Day at F's nursery again and the theme was nursery rhymes. F has since she was a tiny little baby loved 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' and also the swedish version 'Imse Vimse Spindel' so the choice of costume was easy.

Isn't she scary, my little spider??
Ottobre Creative workshop 301 with the addition of 4 legs. :o)

Black 'stretch' jersey from my local fabric shop. Not good and NOT stretchy...!

Next time:
Buy an outfit maybe?! ;o) 

4 April 2010

Happy Easter!!

This year F made Easter cards that we sent to friends and family. She wrote 'F' inside the card and I finished them off for her.


1 April 2010

Easter Chicken

This morning I took a little Easter Chicken to nursery. She loves dressign up and I have wanted to make this outfit for a while now so everyone is happy.

I used Alpha Mom's tutorial except for the mask that I bought instead.

An old t-shirt, scraps of yellow fabric and a chicken mask from the pound-shop.

Next time:
The tutorial was so good that I don't think I would do anything different if I make another one. But how many bird outfits does F need?? :o)

31 March 2010

White peasant style top

Butterick 3045 in size 3 without elastics on sleeves.

Cotton with embroidered flower pattern.

Next time:
I forgot to put the elastics in the sleeves this time so will try to remember next time. :o)

29 March 2010

Shirred dress

I didnt use a pattern since this is just a very simple dress made out of one rectangle but this is how I did it:
  1. Cut the fabric (chest measurement x 2) x (armpit to knee).
  2. Sew short sides together so you get a 'tube'.
  3. Hem top and bottom.
  4. Shirr ca 5-10 rows (depending on the look you are after and the size of the child)
  5. Attach Bias tape as straps (mine are 11 inches long)
  6. Done!
Cotton from my local fabric shop.

Next time:
Try on the dress and THEN decide where to put the straps. They are way to wide apart on this one and keeps falling off the shoulder so I'll need to move them.

26 March 2010

'F' t-shirt

This is not a sewing project but thought I'd post it anyway because it is such an easy project and I'm sure it can be varied to fit anyone's taste. :o)

Bought a cheap t-shirt from Primark and used a spray bottle filled with bleach.

Next time:
User MUCH less bleach and get some sheets of A4 labels to be able to print and then stick on the t-shirt.

24 March 2010

Halterneck top v.1

This top was so much fun to make!! The tutorial I used was great and my bias binder and bias tape maker made it very easy and quick too.

I used The Green Wife's tutorial to make this dress.

Viscose from my local fabric shop.

Next time:
Make sure I cut the front and back in the same direction and make it a one inch longer. I'll probably 'round off'  the bottom corners as well.

23 March 2010

Bring on summer!!

I love this dress!! I followed the tutorial completely so can't take any credit for the design. :o)
It didn't take that long to make either so I'll probably make a few more if I have/find some suitable fabric.

I used lil blue boo's tutorial to make this dress.

I think it is some sort of cotton. It is very thin (like muslin almost) and seems to work well for this dress.

Next time:
I might do it 18 inches instead of 17 next time. I have also been thinking if it might work with a stretch jersey for the band around the chest and elastics insted of stitching to create the gathering...?

22 March 2010

Reversible skirt

This skirt did NOT turn out the way I wanted. I think the biggest mistake was the material I choose, but I'm also not sure I like the model... The idea is excellent (not mine though...) but for some reason it doesn't sit very well. At least not my version of it...

Tried to make this one with some modifications.

Black linen and patterned cotton that I bought in Australia.

Next time:
Use a less 'stiff' material that will hang nicer.

18 March 2010

First linen trousers of the year!!

I know it's only march but before we know it summer will be here. Well... at least that is my excuse for making summer clothes for F. :o)

F has grown a lot since last summer so I've had to make a new size of my pattern. It turned out ok and it looks as if F has mostly grown taller and not much wider... could be that there is no nappy taking up space anymore too.

My own.

Linen for the trousers and stretch jersey for the waistband. The stretch jersey is 'wrapped' around a 3cm wide elastic band (as usual on my linen trousers).

Next time:
I'll lower the waist a tiny bit at the front since they seem to fit better that way. This was just a test to see if the size was correct so I didn't really bother much with the details on these, but next time I'll do the hem with a twin needle instead because I think it looks much nicer. :o)
Also, make sure to use a very stretchy jersey. This time I was allmost not able to stretch it enough.

12 March 2010

Age concern

 That is where I bought this fabric - at Age Concern charity shop close to where I work. It is over 3 meters and I only paid £2.50!! :o)

I can see this becoming a pheasant style top for F and probably other little things like bean bags, owls etc.

11 March 2010

Paddington Bear Top

Ok... it might not be very warm yet, but before we know it summer will be here!! I just love making these tops and have wanted to make something out of this fabric since I bought it some months ago and here is the result. Could maybe look nice on F with a pair of jeans?

Butterick 3045 in size 3 for the first time.

Recycled fabric bought on ebay and some red ric-rac.

Next time:
Will try this on F and see if I need to make any modifications. Might put elastics on the sleeves on the next one as per the original pattern.

10 March 2010

Pouch-trousers in fleece

A girl at work is expecting her first baby next month so I thought I'd give her this is to keep the little one warm.

Same as these but without the inner pouch since the fleece is warm enough without it.

Fleece for the pouch and ribbing for the waist.

Next time:
Cut the material with the roller cutter like this time. Was very quick!! :o)

9 March 2010

Ouch Pouch +

Yesterday little F had an accident and unfortunately I'm sure it will not be the last one so since yesterday this Ouch Pouch now lives in our freezer.

I saw this on this & that and decided to make one. Mine is made of a peice of fabric that is 15 x 28 cm and filled with 2.5 dl rice.

White and red cotton scraps. 

Next time:
For an Ouch Pouch this size is perfect, but I am going to make some more for F to play with and I think they shoud be a little bit smaller.

4 March 2010

Hoot hoot!!

This is part 1 of operation 'Take rails off F's cotbed'. Will keep you updated on this...

I saw Retro Mama's Stella & Stewart and decided to try to make something similar. Mine is not nearly as perfect as Retro Mama's but it was fun making it. :o)

I bought the red cotton fabric in a charity shop here in Wimbledon. The cord and felt is from the fabric shop in Tooting.

Next time:
If I make another one I think I'll make the pattern a bit wider and stuff it a bit more.