15 April 2009

It has arrived!!!!

A few weeks ago I ordered an old issue of Ottobre and now it is here!!! I went for the Winter 6/2008 issue because it had so many nice patterns that I want to try.

My scanner is not very cooperative at the moment so I have borrowed some photos from the Ottobre website.

One item that I would like to make for little F is the coat pictured below. Should (hopefully!!) be able to do that before summer is over...

Sooooo happy!!!

3 April 2009

Another dummy holder

This time I left the opening for turning the band right side out on the long side instead of at the ends. Much better result! I also decided to add a button both ends so I don't have to use one of my precious clips every time, instead I just attach the clip to the band the same way as the dummy is attached. This decision was made after I cut the fabric so the band is a bit on the short side... I also wasn't able to pull the band thru the clip because of the button so I had to bend the clip a bit to get it thru.

Fabric from IKEA, clip bought on ebay and snap buttons from my 'stash'.

Next time:
Swap they way I attach the buttons on the clip side.

2 April 2009

Oh.... my.... god...!!!

I have just tried my bias binder. IT IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! Except my overlocker and sewing machine this is the most useful tool I have ever bought. It is so easy to use and the result is perfect. Just position the bias tape in the bias binder, position the fabric as well and off you go!! All done in one step. AMAZING!!

My bias binder has arrived!!!

A week or so ago I bought this presser foot on ebay and now it has arrived!!! I can't wait to get home and try it out!! Just hoping it will fit my sewing machine... Will post update on how it went.

For little Thumbelina

Little F has the habit of sucking her thumb a lot. She will sleep with it in her mouth the whole night and as a result it is now very dry and the skin looks very sore and cracked. So me and H decided to try (again!!) to convince her to use a dummy instead. She has never been interested in a dummy in the past except as a 'toy' but this time it looks a bit more promising. Perhaps because her little thumb hurts...

So... I decided to get her a new dummy and make her a new dummy holder to make it even more 'special' and when I gave it to her this morning she was very pleased.


Have seen many versions of dummy holders online and made one from memory.

Fabric from IKEA, clip bought on ebay and snap button from my 'stash'.

Next time:
Use a much thinner fabric and try to finish off the ends in a nicer way. Remember to attach name tag.