15 November 2009

Purple skirt - part 2

This is the skirt I previously blogged about here that was too big for F. I decided that unpicking this would not be very enjoyable so what I did intstead was to cut the front of it from bottom hem to waist. I then added a contrasting fabric behind it and folded in the excess fabric to get the skirt to the correct size.

Next time:
This worked out ok because the skirt was too big and would not have been used if I hadn't fixed it, but for a better result it is probably better to sew the two pieces together before doing the upper and lower hem.

Polka dot Kleenex cases

This is my second project in the November challange 'Use what you've got'. I've had a cold this week and therefore not so much energy to sew so I thought that some simple Kleenex cases would be very suitable. :o)

On the first one I put the label on the back but I didn't like it so put it on the side for the rest of them.

Same as this one.

Red cotton fabric with white polka dots from my stash and an old sheet for the inner fabric.

Next time:
I think they should be 5mm longer and 5mm narrower... will try and see.

4 November 2009

Picnic blanket

So... the first item in the 'Use what you've got' challange done!! This will be a birthday present for Little F to go with a little picnic set I have bought. The set is also red with white dots. :o)

The blanket is 100x100cm.

Cotton for front and back. In between I have put some batting to make it a little bit softer and warmer to sit on (see photo below from before I turned it right-side-out).

Next time:
Maybe make one that is a bit smaller and easier for F to fold and take with her when she moves from room to room having picnics. :o)