23 March 2010

Bring on summer!!

I love this dress!! I followed the tutorial completely so can't take any credit for the design. :o)
It didn't take that long to make either so I'll probably make a few more if I have/find some suitable fabric.

I used lil blue boo's tutorial to make this dress.

I think it is some sort of cotton. It is very thin (like muslin almost) and seems to work well for this dress.

Next time:
I might do it 18 inches instead of 17 next time. I have also been thinking if it might work with a stretch jersey for the band around the chest and elastics insted of stitching to create the gathering...?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cawo,
    Your fashion model looks great in all the costumes and fancy things that you make and put on the website.

    Lots of love,