18 March 2010

First linen trousers of the year!!

I know it's only march but before we know it summer will be here. Well... at least that is my excuse for making summer clothes for F. :o)

F has grown a lot since last summer so I've had to make a new size of my pattern. It turned out ok and it looks as if F has mostly grown taller and not much wider... could be that there is no nappy taking up space anymore too.

My own.

Linen for the trousers and stretch jersey for the waistband. The stretch jersey is 'wrapped' around a 3cm wide elastic band (as usual on my linen trousers).

Next time:
I'll lower the waist a tiny bit at the front since they seem to fit better that way. This was just a test to see if the size was correct so I didn't really bother much with the details on these, but next time I'll do the hem with a twin needle instead because I think it looks much nicer. :o)
Also, make sure to use a very stretchy jersey. This time I was allmost not able to stretch it enough.

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