18 May 2009


I think my overlocker is broken... or maybe I am doing something wrong?? I have only had this wonderful machine for a few months and so far it has been very good to me. Until now...

It works for a few inches if I only have a single layer of fabric and then the thread breaks. If I put 2 or 3 layers (of normal weight cotton) it breaks after an inch or so, and it also skips stitches.

Here are some points that might be useful:
  1. I am using the same thread as I have used in the past (it was supplied to me together with the machine)
  2. I have replaced the needle
  3. I have re-threaded the machine (more than once!)
  4. I am using the same type of seam as before
  5. I have tried changing the tension on the various threads
So far no luck. All ideas of what to try next are welcome. :o(

I spoke to Sewing Machines Direct and explained my problem. They were very helpful and sent me 4 cones of good quality thread (I had been using the thread that was included when I bought the machine). They thread arrived the day after I spoke to them and now my machine is back to normal!!! Sooooo happy!!

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  1. Tack själv, jag blir så inspirerad av dig som kan sy. Sist jag tittade in här blev jag så sugen att jag tom tänke köpa mig en symaskin. Men så löste jag om dia problem och insåg att näe, det här med att sy lämnar jag till dem som verkligen kan sin sak! Skönt att de nya tråden löste dina problem!