3 June 2009

Table cloth turned into summer dress

If any of you Swedish readers of this blog recognises the fabric, it is possible you might have seen it in your kitchen. The fabric is a table cloth that I bought in Hemtex last time I went to Sweden for a visit!!

I was really struggling with the bias tape on this one. Had to unpick and re-do several times. First I tried with elastics with terrible result, so the final version has got ruffle without elastics. My bias binder was not working very well with so much fabric so I had to unpick again and do it the old fashioned way. Anyway, all well that ends well!


Modified Butterick 3045

Cotton table cloth from Hemtex and home made bias tape.

Next time:
Do the neck in a different way. Doesn't look very good when looking close at it on this one...

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