6 June 2009

White leggings

To make these took hardly any time at all. Only a few seams and elastics in the waist. BUT... then I decided to try the Cover Hem on my overlocker. Took ages to set it up and in the end I realised that you have to sew from the right side of the fabric and 'guess' where the fabric is on the back. Not convinced I like this...


'Lelle' Leggings, Ottobre 06/2008. I followed ATT SY EN GECKO's tips on how to add the elastics.

Cotton fabric bought in Australia and 41 cm elastics in waist (1,5 cm wide).

Next time:
Make them a little bit tighter and 8 cm shorter. The waist is a bit high so enough fabric there to use a wider elastics next time. I will also try using my twin needle instead of the cover hem and see how that goes. I know that is how my sister does it and I think it looks great!

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