23 June 2009

2 linen trousers

After a few attempts I think I have finally got a pattern that fits little F perfectly!! First I made one pair of white linen trousers but they were too low in the back and too high in the front so I made another white pair. This time the result was a bit better but still needed some tweaking. The result is what you see here. I am very pleased with the way the waistband is done. It makes it very comfortable for little F to wear and it looks nice too!

I have used a twin needle (for the first time!!) for the hems which I think gave a very nice finish.

My own.

Linen for the trousers and stretch jersey for the waistband. The stretch jersey is 'wrapped' around a 3cm wide elastic band.

Next time:
BUY BETTER QUALITY THREAD!!!! It kept breaking all the time and I had to re-thread the overlocker over and over again... :o(

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