14 May 2009

The Baker

Day two of costumes as nursery. Today I have made it a bit easy for myself... Just made an apron and bought a minirolling pin. Little F already had a chef's hat. Like I said - easy!

My own. Two squares with the corners cut off. Sew them together leaving an opening to turn it right side out. Fold in the cut off corners to make channel for bias tape. Top stitch all around. Done!

White cotton that I also made the bias tape from.

Next time:
If there is a next time I will probably do it the same way.


  1. Tack för tipset, men länken fungerade inte, och den klingade inte bekant... men kan ha varit där jag fick idéen. Och vilken charmig bagare/kock, man faller pladask! Hoppas solen lyser på dig!

  2. Tack igen - mycket riktigt måste detta vara orginalkällan som någon "lånat" och som jag sedan lånat vidare... :-)