22 October 2009

Goldhawk Road

Ooops... I was only going down there to 'have a look' and ended up bying 9 new fabrics. H kindly sent me a link to this blog that recommended Goldhaw Road fabric shops. Now, he probably wishes he didn't!! ;o)

 100% cotton that I thought could be used for lining a dress or maybe make something for the summer. (I know - summer is a long way away yet, but it is never to early to make plans.)

Cotton jersey in very nice and soft quality. The colours doesn't really come out very well in this photo, it is a very nice red in reality.

Another even softer cotton jersey. Very 'flimsey' and nice.

A not too thick stretchy denim fabric with metallic red stars printed on it. Maybe a little A-line dress or a trouser pouch? Or is it a bit too mad this fabric...? :o)

I have never seen 'fabric' like this before. It will probably be a nightmare to work with but has great potential for something rather nice. (With my lack of patiens though, it is very likely to end up in the bin if it starts to play up!!)

I love this fabric!! I found it in the last shop I visited and just had to buy it. There were a few more in there but I already had so much in my bags that I limited myself to only this one. Will definately go back though!!

This is for the summer. It is cotton with blue embroidery on it. Can see it as a little peasant top for F. :o)

The first thing I will create from this is a dress for F. Will try to add some little detail on it to make it a little bit less 'serious' and grey. Will keep you updated on how that goes.

Ok, that is it for now. I recommend a trip down there for everyone who needs some new and interesting fabrics!!

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