29 September 2009

Pouch-trousers premiere

This is a little 'welcome to the world' gift for the little brother of a swedish girl that goes to the same swim school as F. It is a bit of an experiment because I don't have anyone to meassure or test on that is of the right size/age. I have seen this type of 'pouch-trousers' in ATT SY EN GECKO's blog and thought they looked so cute.

My own, but the idea is from ATT SY EN GECKO's blog.

Very thin and soft jeans-look stretch cotton for outer and stretch jersey for lining and inner.

Next time:
Make the inner pouch a little bit smaller than the outer one, especially at the waist and put the 'jeans stitch' so that it shows from the front instead of the back.(I will update this section once I receive some feedback from the receiver of these 'pouch-trousers'.)

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