26 September 2009

Sleep bag prototype

Even though we still have some rather nice and warm weather during the day, the nights are quickly getting colder.
Little F is kicking off her blanket when she is asleep and I have not been able to find any sleep bags for toddlers (they only seem to go up to 18 months). As soon as the weather changed F started to sniffle and cough so I made this prototype where the idea was an opening at the bottom that was done in a way so that it could be turned 'inside out' when she got out of bed in the morning so she would be able to walk with it on. Didn't work out... firstly I made a mistake when I put it together but I have also realised that it makes more sense to just take it off as soon as she wakes up (she is wearing her sleepsuit inside the sleep bag).

My own.

White fleece, some white stretch jersey from my stash for lining at the top half of the bag and 2 snap buttons.

Next time:
Make it a 'simple' pouch without any gap at the bottom where the legs can find their way out. Also make it longer and wider and use lining in all of the sleep bag and not just the top.

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