31 March 2009

'Dagisväska' and tetra purse

This is my version of the famous Dagisväskan (nursery bag) by Knåpmodern. I changed it a bit and made it from 1 piece + bottom and I added a two compartment pocket to the inside of the bag. I also made a little tetra purse from the leftover material.

They are a bit creased now because they have been around the world... perfect beach bag when we went to Australia in November!!

Bag pattern is modified version of the pattern made by Knåpmodern and purse pattern is from ICA Kuriren but they seem to have removed it from their website so I can't link to it..

Cotton fabric from IKEA for the lining of the bag, oilcloth, home made bais tape and a zip for the purse.

Next time:
Make the openings on the bag a bit bigger.

1 comment:

  1. Vilken underbar blogg du har, och så duktig du är!!! Måste tassa runt mer sedan och uppdatera mig, men måste säga att just dagisväskan vår så fin... men ifs är allt det du gör outstanding! Kram (igen!)