22 March 2011

Shirred berry top

Same as the others, but this time I did a cap sleeve instead. Got the idea from TaDa! Creations. I also did the shirring a little bit different just like TaDa! and left a gap between the top shirred rows and the bottom ones on the bodice and that looks very nice.

Lovely, lovely summer berries!! Bought it at Mossby Quiltshop (Sweden).

Next time:
Do a test before starting shirring on the actual garment. The previous shirred dress I made used a thread tension of 5 so I did the same for this one. I realised after doing all shirring on the bodice and one of the sleeves that only when I turned it up to 9 it looked fine. Lets see how this top will look after some wear and washes....

I will also make the sleeves a bit narrower and use less fabric so it doesn't get so bulky. Might use 'normal' elastics for the sleeves because the effect will be the same and it will be much, much quicker than doing the shirring.


  1. Hello. I came across your blog when I was looking for inspiration to make my daughter a dress. Your blog is great. I've not touched my sewing machine since college but today, I made this for her - http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff76/distant_tears/247293_10150331129384816_732259815_9788255_6620807_n.jpg


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